Online Interior Design Guides

TANNA BY DESIGN interior design consultations offer development and direction for both residential and commercial assignments; in-person or remotely. Specializing in initial planning & final touches; her focus is new construction, remodel projects and style sessions.

Tanna Edler, proprietor TANNA BY DESIGN, is the only designer in Washington State to have been awarded DESIGNER OF THE YEAR three years consecutively and is the FIRST in the Northwest to have received the coveted IMPACT AWARD for her charitable interior design contributions in her community.

Her notable skill in conceptual design development has earned her a well respected reputation across the nation and her work has been recognized during numerous TOUR OF HOMES venues.

Headquartered in Yakima, Tanna also designs throughout Washington State and reaches clients across the nation via her Online Interior Design Guides. Tanna has always had an affinity for elements of structural design and aesthetics. She is not defined by one certain look and is known for her impeccable attention to details. Tanna enjoys a style that is characterized by simplicity and natural shapes, often emphasized by ample windows, an open floor plan and the idea of bringing the outdoors in.