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Congratulations!  You are about to experience TANNA BY DESIGN’s forty-five minute PHONE CONSULTATION, a fantastic do-it-yourself option to assist you with your interior design questions.


Debating between a gold or silver finish? Searching for the perfect throw pillows and not sure of what size to select? Wanting to paint your Living Room and can not decide on the color?Thinking about buying a lamp but not sure if it works with your decor?  This is your chance to receive high design at an affordable price.


- Provide all of the necessary information that will help TANNA answer your questions quickly and accurately.  

- Once your PHONE CONSULTATION is scheduled. Ask TANNA a question about two items or issues.  


Below are example questions asked by other clients:

1.  I have a sofa that is 10' long, how many toss pillows should I have?

2.  I have selected a dining table and chairs that I love, however, I am not sure how many chairs will fit.  Can you help?

3.  My Living Room area rug keeps slipping, any suggestions?

4.  I have purchased a chandelier to go over my dining room table, how high off the table should I hang it?

5.  I can't decide between two finishes, can you help?

6.  I have selected a fabric for my dining chairs but am worried about stains and spills?

7.  I have found the perfect coffee table but not sure which finish, can you help me choose based on my provided options?

8.  Are blinds still in style, can you give me your opinion?

9.  I have chosen my paint colors, but I don't know how to combine them, what are your thoughts?

10.  How much should my counter top overhang for my kitchen stools?


The goal of our design by the hour, over the phone, is to provide our clients with as much or as little as they require to create harmonious detailing for the interior and exterior of their home or buisness.  This experience may include a discussion around: Floor Plan Design, Space Planning, Interior Design, Color Consultation, Exterior & Interior Materials, Products & Finishes, Furnishings, Fixtures, Accents & Accessories

Your choice! Spend YOUR phone time designing anyway you select.  It's your chance to get one-on-one time with Tanna and learn all about her world of design.  

We look forward to scheduling your PHONE CONSULTATION via

Please provide your phone number; once your time and date is confirmed, we will contact you directly for your session.

Payment required prior to design planning, PHONE CONSULTATION will be scheduled 2-4 weeks following your order